August 12, 2019   Two years to go, and I don't want to miss a thing!

July 30, 2019   Coast to coast.... leavin' the hard times behind!

July 22, 2019   Goin' mobile!

July 4, 2019   Happy Birthday Baby! Always and forever....

December 21, 2018   Sweetness....

February 17, 2018   How I wish, how I wish you were here.

November 15, 2017   Our wedding.

July 6, 2017   We can be heroes, forever and ever. What'd you say?

October 23, 2016   Mrs. Presley... My love for you is immeasurable. My respect for you immense. You're ageless, timeless, grace and fineness. You're beauty and elegance. You're a rhapsody, a comedy. You're a symphony and a play. You're every love song ever written. But honey what do you see in me?